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EuMicroSat db 

   EuMicroSatdb : A Database for Genome Wide Mining of Microsatellites in Eukaryotes

Eukaryotic Microsatellite database (EuMicroSatdb) (http://ipu.ac.in/usbt/EuMicroSatdb.htm) is an extensive database for microsatellites also known as simple sequence repeats (SSRs), present in the sequenced genomes. A user friendly web interface has been developed for microsatellite data retrieval using ASP. The backend database codes including data transformation, extraction, filtering, rearrangement and data entry have been written using perl based scripts and C++. Precise microsatellites data retrieval is possible as per the userís requirement by using different parameters like microsatellite type (Perfect or compound), repeat unit length (mono- to hexa-nucleotide), repeat number, microsatellite length and their location in the genome. Further, information about clustering of different microsatellite in the genome can also be retrieved. Finally, for PCR amplification of any desired microsatellite loci, sequence information of 200 bp upstream and downstream regions can also be retrieved. The database has wide applications in genome mapping and understanding microsatellite distribution and occurrence in eukaryotic genomes.